All your questions on custom printed packaging tape answered – ClassyMoose™
All your questions on custom printed packaging tape answered

All your questions on custom printed packaging tape answered

All your questions on custom printed packaging tape answered

We get a lot of questions  related to custom print jobs such as order size, the number of colors we can print on tape and of course for quotes. In some instances, our minimum purchase order is just one case. This is most likely the case for orders with a one-color print. For two-color jobs, the minimum can go up to two cases. Keep in mind the type of tape ordered also has an impact on the minimum. For gummed paper tape, it is usually a five case order.

Colors used for custom printed tape

As for the number of colors printed on a single roll, it is possible to print up to three different colors. Colors that are included free of charge are reflex blue, red, yellow, orange, burgundy, black and green. Other colors would have to be mixed in with each other to get the desired result. For a single color job, only one plate would need to be produced. For each additional color needed, another plate would need to be made. In other words, one plate is used for each color that needs to be printed on packaging tape.

Materials used to make packaging tape

There are four kinds of packaging tape that are used to seal boxes. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the application. The most popular tape is polypropylene since it is affordable and can seal most packages. But if someone would need a stronger tape for more recycled packages, the tape to go for in this case would have to be PVC or gummed tape. They bind very well to the surface and will even hold better if the box is overstuffed or under stuffed. Acrylic is another kind of tape that can be used for packaging. It is favoured in cold or freezer application and binds best after 24 hours.

Information needed to provide a quote

The volume of the order is an indication on how much the price will be. The more cases ordered, the less a roll of tape will cost. Shipping is also something that needs to be taken into consideration, as rolls of tape can be heavy. The three standard colors of tape included in an order are white, tan and clear. It is possible to flood coat the tape but since it would need to go through the press multiple times, it will be more costly.