Welcome to Classy Moose's Warehouse Products Collection

It's time too look at Classy Moose™ warehouse products selection, where efficiency meets excellence in every aspect of your packaging needs. Our comprehensive range of warehouse products is meticulously curated to enhance your packaging processes and streamline operations. From hand-held dispensers to stretch film dispensers, bag sealers, and more, we offer high-quality solutions to suit every requirement. Whether you're a small business or a large-scale operation, our warehouse products are designed to optimize your workflow and ensure maximum productivity. Trust Classy Moose™ for reliable, durable, and cost-effective solutions that elevate your packaging experience.

Explore Our Range of Warehouse Products:


1. Hand-Held 2” Dispensers: Achieve efficient and precise sealing of packages with our hand-held 2” tape dispensers, designed for smooth and convenient application.

2. Hand-Held 3" – 4" & Filament Tape Dispensers: Handle wider tapes with ease using our hand-held dispensers for 3" – 4" tapes and filament tapes. These dispensers provide sturdy and ergonomic solutions for sealing heavier packages.

3. Gummed Tape Dispensers: Ensure a secure and permanent seal with our gummed tape dispensers. These dispensers offer hassle-free application of water-activated tape, providing reliable closure for your boxes and cartons.


4. Bag Sealers for 9mm Bundling Tape: Perfect for sealing bags of various sizes, our bag sealers are specifically designed for 9mm bundling tape. They are ideal for bundling products like bread, fish, and produce efficiently.

5. Stretch Film Dispensers & Related Products: Streamline your pallet wrapping process with our stretch film dispensers and related products. These tools ensure secure and stable loads for shipping and storage.

6. Desk-Top & Mountable Tape Dispensers: Choose from our desk-top or mountable tape dispensers for convenient access to tape, making it easy to seal packages of all sizes.

Trust Classy Moose for reliable, durable, and efficient warehouse products that meet your packaging needs and optimize your workflow.