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Custom Printed Packaging Tape Options at Classy Moose

Welcome to the world of custom tape products at Classy Moose™! Elevate your brand and packaging experience with our tailored solutions designed to make your company stand out. We offer a diverse range of custom printed tape options to meet your unique needs. Whether you're looking to enhance brand visibility, increase security, or simply add a touch of professionalism to your packaging, our custom tape products are the perfect solution. Explore the endless possibilities and unlock the potential of personalized packaging with Classy Moose™.

Design Your Tape with our custom tool:

At Classy Moose, we offer a wide range of custom printed packaging tapes to meet your needs. Our options include:

Polypropylene Tapes:

  • Standard Grade Polypropylene: Standard options for regular packaging needs. Most popular option
  • Cold Temperature Polypropylene: Ideal for packaging in colder conditions.
    • Superior Grade Polypropylene: This tape has an extra-strong adhesive, perfect for extreme conditions and heavier-duty requirements.

PVC Printable Pressure Sensitive Tape:

Provides excellent adhesion and print quality. It's great for heavier or recycled boxes, offering a quiet unwind and easy tearability for hand applications. Available in different colors.

Clear Acrylic Production Grade Tape:

Designed for superior performance in both hot and cold temperatures, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Kraft Gummed Tape:

Offers a strong seal that integrates with the carton, providing added security against tampering.

Trust Classy Moose for all your custom printed tape needs, where quality and versatility meet excellence.