In today's security-conscious landscape, tamperproof solutions are indispensable for businesses looking to protect their valuable assets. Tamperproof printed tape and labels offer a cost-effective yet formidable defense against unauthorized access and tampering. With designs engineered to resist realignment or replacement after cutting, these tapes provide a visible deterrent and can be customized with logos or messages.

Complementing these tapes are security labels designed to resist removal and break or tear upon tampering. With surfaces like stainless steel and polyester deemed suitable for application, these solutions ensure the integrity of packages during transit and storage, providing businesses and their customers with peace of mind.

At Classy Moose™, we offer a range of tamperproof printed tapes and security labels to safeguard your products against unauthorized access and tampering.

Security Tapes

Our Tamperproof Printed Tape provides a visible deterrent against tampering, featuring graphics that are difficult to realign or replace once cut. Available in polypropylene and PVC options, these tapes are cost-effective and customizable. You can add your logo or personalized message to enhance brand integrity and convey specific warnings or handling instructions.

Key features:

  • Economical and effective tamperproof solution.
  • Customizable with logos and messages.
  • Available in polypropylene and PVC.

Security Labels

Our Security Labels are designed to be nearly impossible to remove and replace once applied, offering robust protection against tampering. These labels can be customized to include standard warnings, handling instructions, or personalized messages, along with your logo for enhanced brand recognition.


  • White vinyl label with tire adhesive and die-cut "V" grooves that break upon tampering.
  • Hi-brite gloss white paper labels with permanent adhesive and security perforation for immediate damage if tampered with.

Key features:

  • Strong safeguard against unauthorized access.
  • Customizable designs.
  • Enhances brand integrity.

High Security Tape

Our High Security Tamper Evident Tape is engineered to reveal a clear "VOID / OPENED" message upon removal, leaving a residue that is resistant to extreme temperatures and nearly impossible to erase. Available in blue and red options, the red version is sequentially numbered and perforated for additional security.

Key features:

  • Clear tampering evidence with "VOID / OPENED" message.
  • Residue resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • Customizable visible and hidden messages.
  • Suitable for surfaces like stainless steel, painted metal, polyester, PVC, and glass.


Our tamperproof solutions are ideal for:

  • Financial institutions
  • Jewelry
  • Lottery
  • Governmental agencies
  • Corporate security
  • Couriers
  • And many more

Ensure the security and integrity of your shipments with Classy Moose's tamperproof printed tapes and security labels. Contact us today to learn how our products can enhance the safety of your valuable assets and uphold your brand's reputation.