Polypropylene tape, also known as Poly tape, is available in various grades to suit different packaging needs. Once you figured out the right tape for you go ahead and Design Your Tape with our custom tool:

Standard Grade Polypropylene Tape (650X):

  • Our most popular choice
  • Offers quick bonding to boxes at an economical price
  • Made from quality biaxial film with excellent shear strength
  • Coated with adhesive applied through a hot-melt process
  • Resistant to abrasion, moisture, and chemical solvents
  • Reliable and durable with a 30 Micron thickness

Superior Grade Polypropylene Tape (750X):

  • Ideal for enhanced tear resistance and superior security
  • Uses a heavier film for increased strength and adhesion
  • Provides a secure seal for packages
  • Available in 40 Micron thickness for added durability and versatility

Cold Temperature Polypropylene Tape (660X):

  • Perfect for refrigerated storage and low-temperature environments
  • Maintains adhesive properties even in freezing conditions
  • Ideal for produce packaging, dairy facilities, meat and poultry processing, and moving companies in colder climates
  • Ensures optimal performance with a 30 Micron thickness

Choose the right Poly tape for your needs and ensure your packages are securely sealed, regardless of the environment.