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Acrylic Tape: Versatile and Durable Packaging Solutions

Acrylic tape is renowned for its durability and adaptability, making it a versatile choice for various packaging needs. While most of the acrylic can only be printed on the adhesive side, its crystal-clear appearance is perfect for covering labels or barcodes in retail packaging. Ideal for freezer applications and extreme temperatures, acrylic tape performs reliably even on recycled products. It’s the preferred choice for long-term storage, offering optimal bonding strength after curing for 24 to 48 hours.

If Acrylic is what you need go ahead and Design Your Tape with our custom tool:

Our Range of Acrylic Tapes:

PA816 - Premium Acrylic - Light Duty:

Application: Manual on lightweight cartons
  • Features: BOPP film with premium adhesive, UV resistant, high clarity
  • Temperature Range: Effective in cold and warm conditions
  • Colors: Clear and tan

PA818 - Premium Acrylic - General Purpose:


Application: Manual and machine on light to medium weight cartons

  • Features: Superior adhesive quality, high clarity, customizable widths and lengths
  • Colors: Clear and tan

PA820 - Premium Acrylic - Performance Grade:


Application: Manual and machine on medium weight cartons

  • Features: Exceptional adhesive performance, UV resistant, long shelf life
  • Temperature Range: Reliable in diverse conditions
  • Colors: Clear and tan

PA820P - 2.0 mil - Direct Printable Acrylic - Performance Grade:


Application: Manual and machine on medium weight cartons

  • Printing: Directly printable on tape surface with alcohol-based inks, no pre-treatment needed
  • Features: Great ink coverage, excellent coating profile, and tension control for smooth printing

Key Benefits of Our Acrylic Tapes:

  • UV Resistant: Protects against sunlight degradation
  • Premium Adhesive Quality: Ensures strong and lasting seals
  • Low Odor: Enhances user experience

Whether sealing lightweight or medium weight cartons, our acrylic tapes provide secure and durable packaging solutions to meet your business needs.

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